Last week we were celebrating Women Entrepreneurship Week around the world to recognise and inspire all women talent in entrepreneurship.

I was very honoured to be invited by my university to come back to Kingston Business School and share my personal journey and beginnings to becoming a female founder as well as what does it take it to be an entrepreneur.


On top of that, I was very excited to start working from my new office, which I won in collaboration with Hubble and Campfire Ignites. You should read my full interview with Hubble here, where I shared how I started with Ayswap. I am inviting you to join Ayswap mission if you still did not sign in and be the first one to know when we officially launch.

And in case you too are looking for the perfect new office in the UK, check Hubble. 

Have a great weekend and hope you will enjoy a little insight from Ayswap’s new office:)


photos: Hubble