Yesterday Bloomberg and Vanity Fair hosted a Climate Conference Climate Exchange, where the global leaders, business and government shared on how to drive progress towards reducing carbon footprint and taking actions on climate change. Calling for courage, positivism and taking actions, as well as building an economy with the sustainability at the core of the business models was the main message. Some of the business, including Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co, Fair Fashion Centre by Cara Smyth showed examples of proved business models that are creating an economic success while being sustainable. The conference took place in an amazing and the most sustainable office building in the world Bloomberg’s HQ. 

Climate Exchange conference emphasised three main topics in particular; Business and Culture, Oceans and Energy. The conference was opened by Mr Michael R. Bloomberg himself who said that we need to assign the resources and measurable results based on the problems we are currently facing with regards to the climate change.

Followed by Mayor of London who presented the vision for London to become a zero-carbon city, but more importantly supports us, female entrepreneurs with startups which are helping to reduce the CO2 emissions in London, such as Ayswap with the Women4Climate network. 

Stella McCartney was positive about many opportunities the waste is giving us, saying that each second one garbage bag is thrown away and showed how building the sustainable business can have not only positive environmental effect but also economic. The Chairman and President of Tiffany and Co Foundation mentioned the importance of having short and long-term goals for sustainable impact and emphasised the importance of coral for the environment, which Tiffany and Co stopped using it in their collections. She also mentioned the importance of collaboration, sharing the same vision and building partnership with other business in order to succeed. Competition in innovation and creativity not making policies seems to be the new way of successful entrepreneurship and time to act is now. 

All in all, climate change is already happening and it is upon us all to react. It can be a big and scary topic but it all starts with the idea and the hope for the better tomorrow.