London during springtime is probably the cutest place. Not to say that is not pretty during other seasons, but if you are planning to visit London, springtime is the best tim to do so. Everything is blooming, the weather is perfectly warm and streets are not so touristy-crowded as it can be during summer time. 
So this week, we were wandering around Notting Hill and made it to this pretty place – Wild at heart. This is probably the cutest location to date I shared with you on the blog so far. Overall, London has so many hidden cute places that need to be yet discovered, however, this Wild at heart flower place at Notting Hill is definitely one amongst them.
There are so many picturesque places around that area and the most amazing part is that every little street you enter, it feels like you entered a new world, because of all different types of houses architectures and moods on the streets. That is what makes it so exciting, as the architecture differs from one street to another and you never know what you will discover around the corner. Maybe it was also, even more, exciting for me as it feels so good after I finished all my studies and finally be able to wander around cute little places like this and have that feeling of happy wildness in my heart. Enjoy these stunning photos and make sure you have turned on notifications on Styljanje’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Have a nice Easter!:)