As part of the London Fashion Week celebration, I was invited to join at the interactive pop-up fashion stop by designer Charlotte Simone.
It was so much fun in this interactive space, as there were a variety of fun and girly stops. Some of them were like workshops where we were able to make our own bracelets, girly swings and other fun things every girl would want.
The main message was about female taking first steps, female support other female and all the fun best friends should have together.  Before we entered the space there was a big sign saying ‘The future is female’ and I really like the whole message and mission of this exhibition. It is so important to stand together and support other female entrepreneurs, friends and driven girls that do want to take the first move and achieve great things. There were a lot of inspirational quotes about female empowerment as you will see in the photos.
We are always stronger together so let’s support each other and grow together!<3