I am writing this post on the first day of 2018. January 1st. New year, new beginnings, new hopes and new dreams- seen or unseen.
As ‘seen’ for the purpose of this article I will consider some entity that is predictable and can be planned. Seen is something that can be detected, recognised or easy to notice in any event. As much as I want to have many such ‘seen’ events through the year, the older I am becoming the more I tend to understand that ‘seen’ cannot exist without the unseen. In other words, human’s limits of perception lead seen events in unseen and vice versa. After all, we are the one that chooses what is going to be seen or unseen in our own world.
Why do we sometimes accept ‘wrong’ decisions even when it is obvious that they are not ‘right’. Perhaps, we are making decisions without having enough information or is expected from us to make the decision with the information and points of view we have at given moment. There will always be some events that will be hidden from us or will never reach us. People often believe that what they see and believe, often based only on their seen word, that such way is the only correct and right one. However, “If we accept that what we see and know is inevitably flawed, we must strive to find ways to heighten that awareness- to fill in the gaps.” (Catmull, p.169). In other words, giving options and some space for unseen or uncertainties in our everyday life will make us better at understanding that unseen is inevitable. All in all, each of us is unique and see every day from the innumerable different points of views so what is seen for one person is not necessarily seen for another person. 
There will always be some unseen occurrences that will be out of our reach whether because of human limits of perception or self-awareness. But that is fine and unseen and uncertainty is what makes future exciting. The risk that prevent us from growing happens when we are convinced that what we see is the only right truth and does not give space for other unseen things that could become seen. “Even if it were possible to learn every discipline and master every profession, we’d still have blind spots. That’s because there are other limitations..” ( p.170), which are not giving us the clear picture of other views and the world that is happening around us.
In the new year let’s have less obscured view, understand the unseen and respect that everything is in the way of perception, stay observant, not ignorant, avoid being complacent and be driven to question everything, learn, educate and not presumes anything because perhaps unknown, unseen is hidden from you and is waiting to be discovered.




 Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull  (p.167- 187)