I know I am publishing this outfit a bit late, but hey there was a lot of things happening. So, on the last day of London Fashion Week, the outfit that I choose was black-and-white-ish where the priority was staying warm, especially as London is getting colder. After all, the black and white outfit is always a great choice when in doubt. For this occasion, I added few striking details such as my little crystals in the hair, a wooden bag and the coat, which added some colour to that outfit. With that ‘girl boss’ outfit, I was ready for the last day of a Fashion Week:) I feel that such greyish colours fit great for Autumn season and such occasion. For today’s blog post, I have decided to quickly share this outfit with you without further discussion. Therefore, if you are up for some more reading and did not fully read other posts that I shared, you are welcome to do so now. Otherwise, for some more designers outfit from Fashion Week and style insights keep an eye on Styljanje’s Instagram. Enjoy!