Hi, some of you might already saw some insights from my London Fashion Week diary day 3 on Styljanje’s Instagram or Facebook page, but here I am sharing with you more detailed observations and more pictures from that day; full of creative designs and inspiring events. Day 3 started with long-awaited runway fashion show and presentation from “…one of the most established names in British and Irish fashion”   (London Fashion Week, here), Paul Costelloe. It was held in beautifully iconic location The Waldorf in central London and was amazing to see well-made designer creations with glamorous architecture. The collection consisted of designs inspired with a hint of 60’s looks, pastel colour, various patterns of roses and had total 56 looks (here).
That day we also visited the House of Wallpaper from Graham & Brown, where I got an opportunity to see how they develop patterns for wallpapers and see their work in the studio. I am thinking to write a separate blog post about that visit, especially as there were so many interesting patterns and different creative projects. Meanwhile, you can check few photos I shared from their studio on my Twitter (here) and Instagram (here).
Lately, I was thinking why are some individuals more creative than others. And what does it make someone creative? I was reading an interesting article a while ago about creative personalities and though to share main interesting points here with you. Well, creativity is one of that great excitement in our lives or according to an author (here“…profound sense of being part of an entity greater than ourselves”, which is reflected in the creative act, such as sewing, drawing, singing etc. representing the certain creative outcome. Such outcome represents certain artist’s value, scientific or technology understanding and is achieved through learning. 
As my past week was full of creative vibe, including London Fashion Week, London Design Festival and other events in between I thought this quote from the article I was reading about creative personalities sums it all. The rest of society often views these new ideas as fantasies without relevance to current reality. And they are right. But the whole point of art and science is to go beyond what we now consider real and create a new reality” (here).
The reason why some individuals come with new ideas more easily than other might be explained in the following paragraphs as was discovered by a variety of studies. The most important thing is that creative people know how to adapt to different situations and tend to be either extroverted and introverted depend from the situations. This is possible because of their complex personality. Creative individuals are able to work longer because of their ability to stay concentrated and disciplined, but are also able to express enthusiasm throughout the work they are doing. According to a psychologist that was studying creatives, Csikszentmihalyi, 1996 these individuals has such an ability due to the favour of genetic. In addition, creative people are able to combine different way of thinking styles, which I discussed in my blog post a few months ago (here). Furthermore, “creative people combine playfulness and discipline…” (here) with imagination and reality.
What do you think some people are more creative than others?
Enjoy creative designs from London Fashion Week ’17 in the gallery below and stay tuned for LFW diary day 4 with new insights!