Here is it is- London Fashion Week Spring / Summer 18, the show creatives in a variety of fields within the creative industries work hard for the whole year, in order to gain few minutes of ‘their moment’. London Fashion Week is one among so-called “big four” fashion city giants besides Milan, Paris and New York.
On events like this I like to ask myself and discuss what Fashion Weeks mean to me, to certain individuals, to the industry and why are Fashion Weeks necessary and how they can bring value to the society. Is it really just “…the most expensive 20 minutes of a fashion house’s year”, presenting the overpriced garments “…never be worn by anyone over a size 8” ? (source)  My answer to this would be no. No one really asks what is the point of music concerts, movies, app games etc., however, when considering fashion shows there is this endless debate, what is the purpose of them.  “The reason people feel free to dismiss fashion with a what’s the point in a way that no one ever would about sport, or theatre, or film, or Apple product launches, is because fashion is aimed at women” (source), showing how fashion shows clearly reflect trends in current state of the world’s culture, economy and public believes. In other words, reflecting the society as a whole. I believe each creative industry has their own way to express their views and project society moods into the deeper idea, whether this reflects in a song, movie, app, garment or any other creative outcome. 
I reckon that the reason why fashion shows sometimes seem a bit mythical and hard to understand is perhaps not understanding the full background of designers’ mood and the main idea, however, when understanding their view the garments suddenly speak the story for itself. This is exactly what happened when I was browsing the designers’ showroom yesterday at London Fashion Week and notice S.B collection’s (last picture) with catchy statement ‘Creative resistance’. After speaking with the designer’s representative it was explained to me that the designer was inspired by Trump’s ban and suddenly the T-shirt had totally different meaning, value and the story. Overall everyday stereotypes such as ‘you see what you want’ could be taken into consideration. What makes fashion so special is that everyone recognises message from the garment or from fashion show as a whole, in a way that is the easiest way for an individual to explain with. Certainly, I noticed the more I know and understand about the fashion industry the more I question things and events. I understand to some extent that Fashion Weeks reflect the current state of society, economy and society’s mood, but still, question things what was in designers’ minds when creating the certain show. And this is what it makes it so challenging and interesting.  Fashion shows needs to present perhaps a bit ‘too much loud clothes’, to leave the space for an individual to find their own way in how to implement this higher idea into everyday style. And this is where the high street brands come.
Even if it seems that clothes are not wearable at first sight at such fashion shows, you will sooner or later recognise certain style in commercial versions around high street brands. In other words “…the high street is very much influenced by what it sees at London Fashion Week” (source). Fashion weeks need to bring some higher abstract ideas, which will later reflect the trend with some main niche but presented by an individual with a different twist.  
So what is this years mood considering the first day at London Fashion Week? Flounce skirts, garments with the hint of Haute Couture’s details employed into sporty wear combining with garments illustrating ‘secret’ message. The pictures below were taken at Designer Showroom after the show. What is your thought of fashion shows and what do they mean to you?
I will be reporting soon my observations from London Fashion Week day 2 in my LWF diary. Let’s LWF day 2 begin. 
At Bora Aksu SS18 Catwalk show
Wanbing HuangDesigner showrooms from A to ZFlounces and ruffles
Designer showroom after the fashion showAimeCreative resistance?