Tuscany was on my travel list for a long time and I finally got time to visit it. We travelled all around Tuscany and visited well-known attractions such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence Cathedral and other famous Tuscany’s landmarks as well as less know hidden small charming villages. In the following months, I will aim to publish all of them so make sure you check Styljanje website regularly:) 
So starting with my first day in Tuscany we, of course, headed to probably the most known city in the world in the region of Central Italy, Tuscany – Province of Pisa. This region is filled with so much inspiring architecture, and not only touristy most popular place, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
 Some fun fact in case you did not know about Pisa’s tower-  the tower is leaning because of the faulty ground’s foundation when building the tower. The foundation was too soft on one among sides, so what happened was that the wight of the tower started to lean toward the side where the foundation of the ground was not enough strong and eventually ended up as it is today. Apparently each year it was leaning more and more until they fixed it in the 20th century and stabilized it. It is funny how such a human mistake or an art of imprecision ended as the world’s famous attraction. With its 3.9 meters horizontally displaced top from the centre of the tower it is definitely unusual and worth seeing in real. 
You will find more pictures of this architectural wonder of the world below as well as the stunning Pisa Cathedral. I will just finish this post with the quote from La Dolce Vita movie and let the pictures speak for itself:
“We must get beyond passions, like a great work of art. In such miraculous harmony. We should learn to love each other so much to live outside of time… detached.”  –  Federico FelliniLa Dolce Vita: Federico Fellini’s Masterpiece
Tuscany’s landmarks are without a doubt a great work of art in a miraculous harmony.