I named this blog post as ‘Here is to the dreamers’ because lately a lot of my projects I was working on are coming together and are bringing results, I was dreaming to see. When I say dreaming I think as all the images, ideas, hard work and my emotions I put into it and planned things for its successful execution.
We all have a dream, whether when we sleep or when we are awake, wandering around. It is very powerful to think that we, humans are probably the only species on the world that can imagine things, see the future, although it is still not fully clarified, why do dreams occur and what is their purpose. I guess it is to drive us forward to motivate us to work even harder and push us forward to achieve things we thought we could not do it. It is also believed that dreams expose hidden emotions and personal desires, creative problem-solving memory formation or is only incidental brain stimulation. It is interesting how the average person apparently has around four dreams per night, but the majority of them are forgotten by the time we wake up. What are your thoughts on this?
However, my dreamy weekend ended up with the invitation by Rush Hair for some pamper session in their salon. I went for a dreamy braided style as I love braids, especially as they are having this spring-ish style. I found this amazing mood board full of stunning hair braided style if you would like to get creative with your hair, as well feel free to check it out. This being said, Rush Hair, an award-winning company with a variety of salons across the UK currently have some super cool offers, so if you are interested in spoiling yourself and your hair, check them out here. I shared more photos from behind the scene on my Instagram of this stunning hair braided style so make sure you check it out and follow my Insta stories.
See you soon and do not forget to dream.

 Povezana slika

source: here