Creating new designs in today’s world is becoming a necessity as we are getting more ‘spoilt’ and are constantly on a run for new, fresh and most updated products. Therefore, there is a question what is the innovation and how do we come up with the innovation in such a fast- paced and competitive world.

Kelley stresses the need for bringing innovation into the business as one of the priorities for business to develop further. “Most businesses today realize that the key to growth, and even survival is innovation.” (Kelley, Kelley 2014).

As a consequence, the majority of companies focus on short- termism, which mainly does not harm company as much as it would in case new innovation or product would fail. It is, in essence, another type of strategy on how to quickly try out new ideas, build fast, lean prototype and generate ideas as quickly as possible. However, there are few missconseption if this kind of approach really allow to develop the full potential of the company or individual. On the one hand, we have a massive number of highly educated people who were learnt in a way to produce knowledge further, but without knowing how to think in a way without routine testing and analyzing while doing research for new product, while, on the other hand, there are companies who want to apply new idea into their products as fast as possible, without allowing one to do a proper design research. Having said this, in many cases company starts to neglect to consider how important is to fully develop the potential of new ideas. Only by observing and generating ideas, images and deep design research is possible to improve already existing ideas into well-realized outcome that can lead to new inventions.

Another key issue to consider is, that by combining skilled people with different areas of knowledge can help to transform already known inventions into innovations quicker and more efficient. “..people need different attitudes and skills when it comes to breakthrough innovation – and those attributes are scarce.” (Verganti, 2009).

In order to come up with the innovation, we should all go at the beginning and start to create with problems in mind, not the final outcome. In many cases innovation does not happen as an incident, but as a transformation of already known facts with new approaches to problems. Only with that kind of intellectual activity, it is going to be possible to contribute to new designs and innovations. By re-designing common knowledge, combining what we already know into logically connected ideas.

After all, as Jobs (1996)  stated “Creativity is just connecting things.”



What did I learn: That innovation does not happen by accident

How can this help me to achieve something in the future:  Starting with small thing, objects or services that I already have or know about it and try to improve it or find the problem in it. Asking questions why do I consider this as a problem and be more mindful how can I change this.


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