Personality of creative individuals

The Creative Personality

The truth about personality

Two Horizon

Creativity and brain function

BBCHD Horizon – The Creative Brain

The strategic value of design

Value added by design thinking

“The internet was meant to spread democracy. Could it be having the opposite effect?”

The biggest threat to democracy? Your social media feed

“Design tomorrow’s enterprise”

Business model generation

Connect observation to activity theory

Activity theory

“Change or be changed.”

This Changes everything

D school illustrates design thinking process

The design thinking process

How is deign thinking different from ‘every-day’ thinking ?

Kees Dorst: The nature of design thinking

What is your reason for doing what are you doing?

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

10 myths about being an entrepreneur

The 10 Myths of Entrepreneurship

Revolution in urban living

How we live now, Guardiancities

Project: Landmark

London Design Festival (6)


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